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The Slip Trail was our newsletter that has been a feature of the NMPCA for longer than almost any single member remembers!  Keeping up with modern communication methods has meant a change in The Slip Trail format from the old paper mailed format, through the emailed pdf format, and now an online Blog...available all the time and updated as information becomes available. 

We do have a publication that is closer to what is generally thought of as a newsletter called "eNews." This arrives in members Inbox roughly once a week and is a separate publication with a separate editor from "The Slip Trail"

Guidelines for both eNews and The Slip Trail can be found under the
Resources Tab then News Guidelines.

See The Slip Trail here.

Winners 2016 Celebration of Clay

Joe Bova, Best of Show
Mad Mopsey 32"h x 6.5"w x 10"d.
Randy Summers, Winner of the Beauty – Quality - Functionality award
Sponsored by the Porcelain Vessels course at UNM: 
  Domestication of the Gila Gray Wolves
Winner of Award of Merit: Sheri Kotowski
Meeting at the Edge
Meeting at the edge or the rim is where the inside confronts the outside; one holds while the other is held.
Pit fired bowl, 22" dia x 8" H 
Winner of Award of Merit: Doublas Peck,
I am Batmouse
Examining the struggles of personal egos though Classical American cartoon imagery.
9 x 4 x 6"
Winner of Award of Merit: Sheri Kotowski, Mending Broken Dreams
All too often we discard things
Judy Nelson-Moore Winner People's Choice
Struggle and release,in memory of John L. Switzer

We call ourselves the NMPCA

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