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jan dorris

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  • Large Ball 22"h x 22"diameter, Fired earthenware with crayon, acrylic, and graphite surface treatment
  • Penguins 12" h x 12w x 12" d, Fired earthenware with Caran d'Ache wax crayons and acrylic surface treatment
  • Ball with Copper 11"h x 10"w x 18"d, Fired earthenware copper tubing pit smoked
  • Matte Ball 13h x 13w x 13d, Fired earthenware matte glaze smoked
  • Figure 18"h x 8"w, Fired earthenware with Caran d'Ache wax crayons and acrylic#
  • Stalagmites 16"h x 11"w x 8"d, Glazed earthenware, pit fired and wire on metal stands
  • Balls and Wire 12"h x 14"w x 12"d, Glazed Balls with metal tubing
  • Cracked Egg 12"h x 12"w x 16"d, Glazed B mix with wire pit smoked

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   Jan Dorris is a sculptor and printmaker living in Taos, New Mexico. She has worked in clay for over forty years since studying in high school with Evaline Sellors at the Fort Worth Art Museum.

   She is especially interested in mixed media, including unusual surface treatments and other materials combined with clay. She creates organic, sculptural pieces that are sometimes glazed, sometimes pit fired, or sometimes painted.  Many pieces are made of paper clay, fired and unfired. She also uses wire and found objects in her mixed media abstract work.

   She has studied printmaking at U.N.M. Taos for a number of years and has experimented with printing directly on paper clay.  Both ceramics and printmaking present opportunities for experimentation which is an important part of her art.

     Her work has been shown in Colorado, New York, California, and Texas and it can be viewed at Envision Gallery in Taos.

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email: jandorris@taosnet.com 
studio open by appointment:

Website: jandorris.com

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