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Michele English

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  • Buddhist Monk, Sculptured clay with underglazes and glaze 9” h x 5” w x 5 ¼” d
  • Cowboy, Sculptured clay with underglazes and glaze, 12” h x 6” w x 7 ½” d
  • Garden Sculpture, Cone 6 sculptures on metal rod, 50” h x 17” w x 13” d
  • Mother Earth, Sculptured clay with underglazes, 15” h x 6” w x 4 ½” d
  • New Mexico Garden Sculpture, Hand-built sculptures stacked on metal rod, 50” h x 17” w x 13” d
  • New Mexico Garden Sculpture Day of the Dead, Hand-built sculptures stacked on metal rod,
  • Sculpted Head of Female, Sculpted clay fired with transfers and underglaze, 12” h x 6” w x 5” d

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My works are hand-built or sculpted clay fired to cone 6. I use underglazes applied like watercolor or stain in addition to glazes the pieces are often whimsical and I like to include a surprise when I can. In terms of color, I enjoy muted and earth tones. Sometimes I add a dash of bright color for interest or to add to the narrative. Animal and human forms predominate.

What motivates me to create is internal and instinctual. I simply love working with my vision and hands to give birth to a concrete object that began in my mind’s eye. I am frequently surprised by the outcome of what emerges when my brain, hands and the clay marry.

I draw inspiration from nature, painting, printmaking, Mexican folk art, and Asian art.

Contact Information

email: Mchele522@gmail.com

phone 509-270-7233


­­Figurative, Hand built, Sculpted, Cone 6, Decal, Fanciful, Nature inspired, Stoneware, Underglazes, Whimsical, Watercolor effects, Animals, Asian

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