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Barbara Campbell

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Flared Vessel -- Range in size from 10" to 20" in diameter and from 8" to 14" tall -- Hand built from textured slabs, cone 6 -- $95 to $650, depending on size

Artist Statement

Barbara at Ghost Ranch

I intended to study foreign diplomacy and took a pottery class elective in my first year of college. I was so fascinated by the material; I transferred into Fine Arts and got my degree in Ceramics. I have been exploring the infinite facets of pottery making ever since. I have lived and worked in the village of El Rito for nearly fourty-five  years. My current work is mainly in functional Stoneware pieces, but I spend a few months out of each year doing sculptural work. My newest work is inspired by a 25 day river trip through the Grand Canyon which I took in January of ‘07, along with various other mountain and canyon excursions taken in ’08 and ’09.

Artifacts Stoneware

Hand crafted tableware incised and painted with ancient and whimsical designs for contemporary use as well as decorative and sculptural pieces using natural and historic elements as inspiration are to be found in this recent collection.

Contact Information

PO Box 775

El Rito, NM 87530

Email: bcampbell@stonewareartifacts.com

Search:  dinnerware, functional, handbuilt, mid range, Taos, Taos/northern New Mexico, wheel, tableware, functional, stoneware, anasazi, carving, fume fired, mimbres, wine 

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