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Cirrelda snider-bryan

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  • Leaf for your Ear, Crook for your Body -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • Chevrolet 1953 -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • From a Dog’s Nose -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • Year of the Dog -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • Pino Ponderosa -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • Swallowtail on your way to Grapes -- ©Cirrelda Snider-Bryan -- 6"square
  • Tile 39 by Cirrelda Snider-Bryan

Artist Statement:

Cirrelda Snider-BryanOver 25 years of drawing on both clay and paper with Mother Nature as inspiration :: Cards, Prints, Tiles, Everyday Clay Objects. Member of: Handmade Tile Association, Tile Heritage Foundation, Etsy, and NMPCA! You can find my work at the Weyrich Gallery, Albuquerque. 

Garden Companion Tile Series by Cirrelda Snider-Bryan: Robin under Juniper, Winter Crows, Bat, Orb Spider, Roadrunner’s Yard & Snails, Ladybug, Cranes 10 ft. above our roof, Kestrel on a wire, Triangle of Cota Ursus, Mama & Cub, Neighbor Guineas, Year of the Dog, From a Dog’s Nose, Chevrolet 1953, Tiger Swallowtail on your way to Grapes, Leaf for your Ear, Crook for your Body (Bears), Tecolotitos en el Arroyo, Morning Glory, Yerba de la Negrita Pino Ponderosa Los Alamos, Trees of the Sandias, Lilacs, ‘A Tree is Known by its Fruit’ series, San Francisco de Assisi, among others.

All tiles made from Ochre clay, cone 5-fired, and come from my drawings. Imprint tiles “stamp” the image into hand-rolled slabs. Each tile glazed individually, by hand, eye, and brush. Most tiles come with a screw-size hole in each corner, unless you request otherwise. Thus they can be hung without the use of thinset. After being fired so high, glaze will withstand the elements good for installation outdoors.Each tile is roughly 6 inches square and can be incorporated into wall tile layouts with standard tile sizes — $40

cc’s clay & cards / cirrelda’s clases de clay, another branch of the art tree called La Alameda Press                                                                                                                                                                                                

Contact Information

Address:  9636 Guadalupe Tr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Email: cirrelda@laalamedapress.com

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