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Frank Willett

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  • Bottle - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 11.5"
  • Bowl - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 3.5" X D 12"
  • Casserole - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. 1.5 qt. capacity.
  • Covered Jar - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 11.5"
  • Covered Jar - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 7"
  • Vase - Wheel Thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 8.5"
  • Vase - Wheel thrown, high-fired stoneware. H 9.5 "
  • Wide-rimmed bowl - Wheel, high-fired stoneware. 3"X14.5"

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The pots I’ve been making in recent years are fun and whimsical.  Each is different, unpredictable. I am probably more pleased with these new pots than any I’ve ever done.  Making new forms is still a driving force; there is excitement in it.  I visualize something I want to make and it’s interesting to see how close I get to the visualization in the finished piece.  Accidents are sometimes better or worse than what you had hoped for. Accident is always there.  Working with has been my passion. I have had a pleasant and successful lifetime of playing in the medium.

The melancholy of post maturity is upon me but I try my best to turn it into humor. 

Frank Willett, 1929-2020

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Studio location: 880-b Chicoma Vista, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Studio visits by appointment. Please call 505-471-9070

Email address: willettbaldinger@gmail.com

Website: willettbaldinger.com

Galleries: Taos Blue Gallery, Taos, NM. info@taosblue.com

Calliope, Madrid, NM. CalliopeMadrid.com

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