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Judy Nelson-Moore

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  • Biomorph -- 6" x 5" x 4" -- multi-fired paperclay, cone 05 glaze, terra-sigillata. -- small sculpture can be placed in different positions.
  • Blue Zauli -- 14"t x 14"w x 13"d -- multi-fired sculpture, cone 05-1 -- Inspired by the work of Italian ceramic sculptor, Carlo Zauli
  • Fandango (wall sculpture) -- 11"w x 10"5 x 2"deep, fired paperclay slip dipped doily, ceramic glaze and stains, fabric added post firing.
  • Studio Journal -- 24" wide, fired paperclay and mixed media
  • Succulent In Bloom -- 9"t x 11"w x 10"d -- Hand-built paperclay, multiple firings cone 05-4. Stains and glaze with fabric and copper mesh added post firing.
  • Twilight -- 14"t x 12"d -- multi-fired, cone 05 to 1. One of the few pieces in recent years that is NOT paperclay!
  • Pods -- set of Wall Sculptures, 18-24" wide each. -- Multi-fired paperclay, cone 04-1.
  • Landsat Landscape -- 24" wide, glaze fired paperclay, collaged photographs, acrylic skins

Artist Statement

Judy Nelson-Moore, Santa Fe, New MexicoI make things because it allows me to explore something deeper than spoken words and rational thought, expressing the experience of encountering the natural world as well as the inner psychology of life.

My 50 year love-affair with clay has expanded to include mixed media. When I go into the studio to work, I am concerned about engineering the materials and the aesthetic shapes in space. I let the materials tell me what form they should take. Later, when I look at the pieces, they begin to take on stories that speak of future or past aspects of the life around me. The stories may be written down and become part of the piece. Other times, the stories are hinted at through the titles and left for the viewer to narrate for themselves. I like to push the clay and other materials as far as I can, as if to stretch their potential (or maybe my own). The forms are a response to my emotions, reactions to people and activities that are in my thoughts at the time, but most of all to the land forms and natural world around me. Immersing myself in natural landscapes is healing and renewing. To me, earth landscapes are a counterpoint to the landscapes of our lives…the hills, valleys, grottoes, plains and persona of our minds. My pieces are the way I trace my journey through the landscapes of the mind.

Contact Information

Studio visits welcome, email for appointment
  Dancing Mud Studio, 23 Immanuel, Santa Fe, NM 87508

email: judy@nelsonmoore.com

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