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Celebration of Clay 21: 
Coming Together

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Awards for the 2021 Exhibition

Best of Show, $150:  Using criteria agreed upon by jurors, this is the individual piece which best exemplifies these criteria among all the works in the show

Hebe Garcia

"Agarrando las memorias que se desvanecen"

16 x 13 x 9"


Frank Willett Memorial Award, $100:  For this show, the Celebration of Clay committee added a special award to honor Frank Willett's memory

Steve Blakely

"Acoma Windows"
10 x 6.5"
Wheel thrown stoneware; cone 10 gas fired reduction. Glazing is a semi-matte green glaze flow with black striated undertones. Recalls visits to "Sky City" Acoma Pueblo, and is my homage to Native American Spirituality.

Beauty – Quality – Functionality award Sponsored by the Porcelain Vessels program at UNM, $100:  Reserved for the functional piece that the jurors feel is the best.

Lee Akins

"Curved Vase"

13.5 x 7 x 7"

Coil, C01 oxidation

3 Awards of Merit, $50 each: 3 pieces that the jurors feel deserve special recognition.

Linda Hayden

"Together Again"

12 x 10.5 x 7"

Coil built, cone 015, micaceous clay

Sara D'Alessandro

"Supine Olla"

16 x 24.5 x 22.5"

Coil built unique, polychrome with underglaze and paint

Adam Emery

"Blighted Dragon"

10 x 6 x 23"

Clay, glaze

People’s Choice Award:   

Kari Rives


19 x 15 x 9"

Clay, glaze

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