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  • How to join the NMPCA
Click "Membership" on the main website menu, choose "Join."  Select membership level, and fill in the form.  You can pay the dues through our secure online payment method for immediate membership.  Be sure to read the confirmation email and sign up for our weekly eNews email to get information about our activities.  
  • How to renew my NMPCA membership
Log into this website with your membership email and password at the upper right (person logo).  Then, go to your profile page and click "renew".  You can pay your dues through our secure online payment method.  
  • How do I login to see the member only content?

Image of member not logged in Member only content includes a directory of members and meeting minutes as well as a place to renew your membership.  To see the member content, log into this website with your membership email and password by clicking on the logo at the upper right:  Here is what the logo looks like if you are not logged in.   

Image of Logged in member If you can't remember your password, you can click on "forgot password" and initiate an email to allow resetting your password.  When you login, you will see a new "Membership" item on the menu and the login logo looks like this:   

  • How do I modify my privacy settings to define what is shown on the directory?
You can define what information is shown on the membership directory.  This directory is viewable only by active members of the organization.  To see what is in your profile and define what others can view, you must first login (see above).  Then go to your profile page by click on "view profile" in the member information that appears when you hover of the login logo at upper right, or click here to go to your profile page

On the profile page, you click on edit profile and then privacy.  Set the radio buttons according to what you want to be seen on the directory.  A picture of this screen is shown below (click to see larger).

    Programs and Resources

    • How do I find out about activities of the NMPCA?
    All our activities are announced in the weekly eNews email sent to members.  If you are a current member and are not receiving weekly eNews, be sure to check your spam or junk folder/filter.  If you need help, contact  
    • How do I participate in the studio tour? 

      See instructions for signing up for the studio tour and how to prepare and submit materials her on the Studio Tour Instructions page

      • How do I submit to enews? 
      eNews is a weekly email newsletter sent to active members of the NMPCA containing articles about upcoming shows, workshops, sales of materials, ceramic supplies and materials for sale or swap, call for entries, and sharing of interesting ceramic art news.  Any member can submit a listing to the newsletter by sending an email with the appropriate information to the enews editor.  Instructions on this page.
      • How could I submit an article to The Slip Trail Blog? 
      Articles for the online blog are longer and of longer term interest than announcements in the eNews.  The blog is also open to the public.  Instructions for submitting an article to the Slip Trail blog are on this page.  
      • How do I apply for an Armstrong Grant? 
      The Armstrong grant is an annual grant of money to a non-profit organization or school for a ceramic arts education project or program.  Instructions to apply.
      • How do I contact a real person to ask a question about NMPCA? 
      Send an email to with your question and how to contact you back.  Also view or contact page.  Our Mailing Address: PO Box 26811, Albuquerque, NM 87125
      • How to prepare images for show submission. 

      We have prepare a how to video and detail instruction on how we need images for events, show and the studio tour. This is just one resource of many on how to get an image ready. Other resources are available just search the web.  

      Instructions to prepare your image(s) for NMPCA shows.

      • How do I pack my work for delivery to an NMPCA exhibition? 

      Instructions for preparing and packing work for an NMPCA exhibition.

      • Can I get a refund for an event payment if my plans change?

        We try to refund as much as possible if your plans change.  See our refund policy here.

        Here is a Site Map of all the pages on our site.  

        We call ourselves the NMPCA!

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