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Resonations in Clay - Life on the Bosque

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Resonations in Clay, Life on the Bosque was a juried show held at the Open Space Visitors Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico from July 7 through September 30, 2018.  Below is a gallery of works in the show.  

56 photo(s) Updated on: 06 Jan 2021
  • Catherine Alleva: "Peace"
  • Catherine Alleva: "Irrelevance"
  • Catherine Alleva: "Catfight"
  • Leonard Baca: "Flowers Give Joy to Life"
  • Luisa Baldinger: "Metate"
  • Luisa Baldinger: "Sandia Canyon, Lithos"
  • David A. Beattie: "Sunset Over the Bosque 3"
  • Jacquita Beddo: "Bosque Dreams"
  • Karin N. Bergh: "Sandhill Crane Plate"
  • Karin N. Bergh: "Sandhill Cranes"
  • Award of Merit, Elaine Biery: "Bosque on the Rio"
  • Elaine Biery: "Moon Over Bosque"
  • Elaine Biery: "The Flight"
  • Patty Bilbro: "Invasive Species"
  • Louise Deroualle: "Joyful Migration"
  • Kathy Stephenson: "River Runs Through It 1"
  • Kathy Stephenson: "River Runs Through It 3"
  • Christine L. Evans: "Augusta Sublime"
  • Kim Louise Glidden: "Corn Shield Maiden"
  • Award of Merit, Kim Louise Glidden: "Silvery Minnow Bowl"
  • Kim Louise Glidden: "Snow Melting from Bark"
  • Eileen Gorman: "Cottonwood Platter"
  • Taylor Henry: "An Itch"
  • Taylor Henry: "One Paw Lookout"
  • Taylor Henry: "X Marks My Path"
  • Manuel Hernandez: "All Beings in Nature Get Their Energy from the Sun"
  • Manuel Hernandez: "Four Seasons"
  • Manuel Hernandez: "Let´s Save the Bees"
  • Hebe Garcia: "Brisa que corres por el Bosque"
  • Cheryl Hoagland: "Common Yellowthroat Warbler"
  • Cheryl Hoagland: "Scaled Quail"
  • Judy Nelson-Moore: "Landscape Dreaming"
  • Barbara King: "Bird Covered Jar"
  • Lisa McEneaney: "Wildlife of the Bosque: Sand Crane"
  • Sara D'Alessandro: "Mojado/Arido"
  • Judy Nelson-Moore: "Like a River Which Cannot Be Held Back"
  • Richard Orlando: "Bosque Underbrush"
  • Margarita Paz-Pedro: "Path Through the Sol"
  • Douglas Peck: "Cliff"
  • Andrea Pichaida: "Be Kind Seed"
  • Andrea Pichaida: "Green Seed"
  • Andrea Pichaida: "Yellow Seed"
  • Award of Merit: Alma Quillian: "Sandhill Crane Platter"
  • Alma Quillian: "Vermilion Flycatcher"
  • Kat Richter-Sand: "Meandering Waterways"
  • Kat Richter-Sand: "Riparian Shimmer"
  • Lynnette Abeyta Rizek: "At First She Welcomed Them"
  • Glenn Schwaiger: "Flower Bottle"
  • Glenn Schwaiger: "Prickly Pear Bottle"
  • Diane Rosnagle Short: "Roots"
  • Jennifer Silfer: "Tree"
  • Cirrelda Snider: "Beaver Whacks At Dusk"
  • Best of Show, Cirrelda Snider: "Muskrat Faster Than Me"
  • Cirrelda Snider: "Vultures' Spring Return"
  • Randy Summers: "Bosque"
  • Penny Truitt: "Imposition"

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