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Where to Stay : What to Expect

When attending a workshop at Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico, most participants like to stay on the ranch.  This gives 24-hour immersion in sun-filled days and starry nights.  You can work in the studio whenever you want, take meals in the dining hall, just a short walk away, and not use your car.  

This page describes the various types of accommodations available at the Ghost Ranch Retreat and Conference Center.  Some accommodation choices are limited at the Ranch, so if the type you want is not available for your workshop, or if you feel these types do not fill your needs, we show here several other accommodation alternatives in nearby communities a short drive to the Ranch.  If you decide to use one of these alternatives, sign up for the "commuter" option in the registration and directly contact your choice of place to stay.

Ghost Ranch Accommodations

Private Bath

Two-person rooms with an adjoining private bath.  Beds are generally two double beds or one double and one single bed. See general information below. 

Semi-Private Bath

Two double rooms with an adjoining bath that is shared by both between the two rooms.  Beds are generally two double beds or one double and one single bed. See general information below.

"Dormitory" rooms with Community Bath

These are bunk-house style rooms which accommodate two people.  Single beds with 4-inch mattress.  Many rooms have upgraded beds since 2017.  The bathroom is down the portal, between 10 and 60 feet out your door.  Bring slippers and robe.  See general information below.  


The campground is located on the grounds of the Ranch about 1/4 mile from the dining hall and workshop.  There is a central bath house with two sides, one for men and one for women.  The bathhouse has toilets, sinks and showers.   Three types of sites are available:  No hookups for tent campers, electrical hookups only, or full hookups for trailers.

Alternative Accommodations

Abiquiu Inn

The Abiquiu Inn has a variety of room choices and an excellent restaurant favored by visitors and locals alike. See more about the Inn on their website.

Bed and Breakfast Resources

AirBnB, a network of places to stay in neighborhood homes around the world has many places listed for Abiquiu. See them here.  Also, vrbo, a network of vacation rentals by owners, can be a source at

General Information about Working and Staying at Ghost Ranch

NMPCA collects what the Ranch charges for meals and rooms as a convenience to you. Make your Ranch room and meal package reservations at the same time as your workshop registration.  

Dining Hall

If you do stay in a room at Ghost Ranch (private, semi-private, or community bath levels), you need to purchase a meal package for each person staying in the room.  If you camp or do not stay at the ranch, you can purchase meals to be eaten in the dining hall during the day/evening while attending the workshop.  

Dining service at the ranch.  A cafeteria line provides 1-2 choices for a main dish and cooked vegetables.  There is generally a vegetarian choice available.  A salad bar is available each lunch and dinner.  Oatmeal, fruit, yogurt and cereal bar for breakfast as well as a hot breakfast.  Hot coffee, tea and cold ice tea and juice.  Bread/toast and peanut butter are available.  There are generally many choices, with something to appeal to everyone.  

Information about All Accommodations at Ranch

  • Accommodations have a single price per room, with meal packages separate.  This means, if you select to share a room, only one occupant registers and pays for the accommodation choice, or both must register and indicate each other as roommates.  If you don't have a roommate, you will be charged the entire cost for the room.    
  • Sheets, bedding, towels and soap are provided in private, semi-private or dorm style rooms.  
  • None of the rooms have private refrigerators.  If you require cold storage, bring a cooler.  Some room available in Staff House or camp ground communal refrigerators.  
  • An ice machine is generally a short walk away.  
  • The Ranch has a wonderful library with an excellent selection of magazines, newspapers, and books, both fiction and non-fiction, that can be enjoyed in the library or checked out for duration of stay.  There is a computer available for short-session use in the library, as well as the Welcome Center.  
  • The Ranch's wifi generally works well in the Welcome Center and library and may work in rooms.
  • Cell-phone reception is generally only available in limited locations on the ranch.  The Ranch's main phone number can be called to relay emergency messages anytime:  (505)685-1000.   

What to Bring, What to Wear

Always bring socks and closed-toed sturdy shoes for walking around the ranch.  Hat, sun glasses, lip and hand moisturizer are helpful in all seasons.  Bring your own favorite personal items and snacks.  

In summer, bring bug spray, although the Ranch is relatively bug free.  Shorts and light tops with light sweater or jacket for possible monsoon rain.

In March-April or September-October, long pants and long sleeved tops are more in order.  Bring layers to don or remove, depending on temperature and possible rain.  

What will the Weather be Like?

Check your weather app for Abiquiu, New Mexico.  Weather varies greatly in the Southwest, increasingly in recent years. Generally you can expect:  

June - August:  Days will be warm to hot (up to high-80's, possibly low 90's).  Nights will be cooling by late August.  If it is a good monsoon season, there may be thunderstorms and rain in the afternoon in July and August.

September:  Days will be warm to slightly cool...Nights pleasantly cool.  

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