sunport ceramics showcase Artist Agreement

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Submission of artwork into the 2021 sunport ceramics showcase constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to comply with the conditions set forth here.

Sunport Ceramics Showcase Agreement

Acceptance of artwork into the 2021 Sunport Ceramics  Showcase constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to comply

with the conditions set forth in this agreement.

  1. Artist may enter up to two works using clay as focus and primary material.
  2. Works entered for pedestal are limited to under 35 pounds and must sit on a base of 18” square or less. Larger works can be submitted upon advance approval by the Sunport Committee.
  3. Works entered for wall are limited to under 25 pounds and must have secure hanging device attached.
  4. For each entry, artist will provide: title, dimensions, and sale price if for sale.
  5. One digital image per piece must be included in the registration meeting image specifications defined in the call for entries. Method for preparing images is described here.
  6. Address and telephone number and email will be provided by the artist to facilitate contacting them about the work.
  7. Delivered work differing significantly from submitted image will be disqualified from exhibit. The Sunport committee reserves the right to exclude work that is deemed unsafe or not feasible for display.
  8. Entry fees are nonrefundable.
  9.  Artist agrees that work may not be withdrawn prior to close of exhibit.
  10. Permission to reproduce work images for publicity and educational purposes is granted to NMPCA. Publicity may include website display and social media posts.
  11. Neither New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists or the setup committee volunteers are responsible for damage incurred upon installation off this show, though great care will be taken in their handling. Once the work is set up at the showcase the work is covered by the Sunport’s insurance while the work is on premises.
  12. The artist agrees to deliver work at their pre appointed time (to be assigned and artist notified) before the show. Be sure and bring in a safely packed container which you will take home with you once the piece is received.) That installation date is October 1st and will be in the morning.
  13. The Artist agrees to pick up work at the Sunport in the parking entrance tunnel. bringing their own packing materials at show break down November 30, between the hours of 10am and noon.
  14. You maybe required to supply a pedestal of a specific size determined by the design and layout of the Showcases.  We will use every pedestal we have on hand whenever possible.
  15. If you are willing to supply a pedestal for the display it would be greatly appreciated. If your pedestal needs paint, they can be dropped off at Business Printing at 4316 Silver SE, Albuquerque to be painted or touched up on Thursday September 30th . We will be painting that day from 5:00 pm to 9:00pm or you may paint it yourself at home with a pure white flat or satin paint.
  16. Each artist is responsible for their own sales

SIGNATURE ___________________________________________ DATE ____________________________ If you have any questions about these provisions or any aspect of the show, please contact the